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How to register your own account on EEVON:

1. First of all. Make sure you have the EEVON website open on your browser ready for you to follow these instructions on it.

2. From this website. You will then need to click on the button located as seen on the picture:

3. Once you left click the register button you will be sent to the following page:

4. Next step is to fill in ALL the boxes that are displayed on the screen with your personal details. The username will be the name of your account that will be displayed instead of it being your actual name. PLEASE BE APPROPIATE WITH THIS. On the email box, please make sure you are entering your own personal email correctly as this will be helpful for future troubleshooting.

5. For the password. You need to enter a strong password, one that you will remember but one that only you will know and won’t forget. When entering a password, our password validation will guide you by mentioning if your password is strong enough or not. This way your account can be as safe as it gets. If in the future you want to change your password you can follow this troubleshoot guide on how to change your password (How to change your password article).