An Introduction to Arthur Ellis

Hello! Welcome to your online learning platform EEVON!

EEVON is a hub for knowledge specifically designed to help you learn about how you can improve and manage your wellbeing.

We are constantly updating and building our knowledge base so that we cover as many areas in as much detail as possible. Learn a little about us below.


Arthur Ellis is a non profit organisation. Our main focus is providing 1:1 Mental Health Mentoring to people across the UK who would otherwise have restricted or limited access to mental health support. We work in schools, GP surgeries and businesses to expand our support across the UK. We are always looking for new ways to help people with their mental health and wellbeing, one of the ways we found most useful is sharing resources with the public that are generally only shared within 1:1 sessions. That’s why we built EEVON!

You can learn more about us here: www.arthurellismhs.comĀ 


The idea for EEVON came about for two reasons.

Our Mentors share resources with their clients in their 1:1 sessions all the time. They share these resources as PDFs that aren’t editable and are difficult to monitor the use of. They needed a platform where they could share the resources along with instructions on how to use them and allow their clients to have a go in their own time. We then realised that it is an industry norm not to share these valuable resources with those outside of our 1:1 sessions. Why not? We decided to take matters into our own hands and build a platform to host the resources and more.

The second reason stems from being personally asked by change makers within the NHS to develop a platform that could help provide support to those who are turned away from their services. They needed a place to send their patients when they were unable to offer them 1:1 support due to them not meting the threshold for entry or not having the resources to provide them with the support they need.


“Hello! Just like most families, mine has been closely connected to mental health issues. Arthur and Ellis were my Grandads, and Ellis spent a long time in hospital for his poor mental health. This helped me see first-hand how unmanaged, poor mental health can have an impact on generations.

It’s so easy to see how we’re behaving or feeling as huge mountains to climb. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Bipolar and found it really difficult to get to grips with what I need to do to get into a place where I felt in control. All of the information I found was related to symptoms, things that I would be feeling, behaviours I would be expected to engage in. There wasn’t a lot out there to help me find tools, techniques and skills I can use to limit the impacts that having a condition had on my life.

Yvonne is my Mum. One of the most important people in the world to me. I’m lucky enough to have had her as a real guide throughout my life growing up, steering me, supporting me and helping out with way more than she should have. I want to share that learning with people which is why we created EEVON, your guide, not to symptoms, not to conditions but to solutions that can help you improve your life, just like Yvonne did for me.

I look forward to continuing working on more resources for you, growing our services to be there for you and your friends/family as well as seeing how EEVON can help more and more people improve their lives in the future!”

– Jon Manning, CEO and Founder of Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support

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